F-Productions' team

Daniele Fasoli Team

Daniele Fasoli – CEO & Founder

In practice, he keeps the company on its feet.
"His hair is white for a reason"

Riccardo Fasoli – Founder & CG Artist

Draws, photograph, and shoot things that don't exist
He works with four monitors: He wants more.

riccardo fasoli Team
Fabrizio Oggiano Editor video

Fabrizio Oggiano – Video Editor

If we were the A-Team, he would be our Murdock.
Edit videos with eyes closed at the speed of light,
no one knows how he does it, but he's the best.

Mattia Borgato – Senior Photographer

we know that he has an eye on his left, 
we have never seen the right one
because it is always hidden by his Nikon

Mattia Borgato fotografo
Alfonso Pontillo Regista

Alfonso Pontillo – Director & VFX Artist

Tells you how to frame a scene in the best way,
but then it distorts it in post production.
He is also a magician.


Josh Sanfelici – 3D Animator

Stick the bones into the 3D models and they start samba dancing.
...All just pressing buttons on a keyboard.

Josh Sanfelici animatore 3D
Marco Molina Team

Marco Molina – Sound Engineer

After playing all night in the club,
watch your video and tell you that the audio is terrible:
when he wakes up he makes everything sound as it should.

Jacopo Sartori – Copy & Director

He uses simple words to describe complex things.
He's from Milan, but he loves Venetian interjections.

Jacopo Sartori
Rossella Alfano Web

Rossella Alfano – Social Media Supervisor

Posts your project on social media and make sure the right people see it.
She loves taking things and putting them in order.

Ekaterina Kalashnikova – Graphic Designer

She's from russia, lives in Veneto since years but is still a teetotaler.
Anyway she's a great designer and coder!

Ekaterina Kalashnikova
Debora Del Dò

Debora Del Dò – Photographer | Videomaker

She's out swiss kniw: a concentrate of skills in a pocket format.
Rumors has it that she's also a great singer. 

Lucid Dreams – Senior VFX Artists

The duo of wonders formed by Anna Tronci and Matteo Migliorini.
They melt, explode and burn things in 3D.

lucid dreams team F-Productions
Oscar team

Oscar – Mascotte

He has no particular skills, but he keeps up the team morale.
Jumps on desks and cancel ongoing renders.